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For some reason, whenever I hear the word "leather," the image of Britney Spears in her all red leather outfit from her "Oops I Did It Again" days, instantly pops into my head. While I will admit, I envied this early 2000's look (especially around Halloween time), I've always thought leather was a little...bold for me. I've never considered myself to be edgy enough to rock a shiny pair of pants or a skirt.

I am here to tell you, I was very wrong! Leather has completely transformed my previous safe and simple style. If you love the comfort of leggings, then leather (or pleather leggings), are perfect for you!

I took a risk and finally purchased my first pair of pleather (faux leather) leggings from Forever 21. Although I was a bit intimidated by this new style, I bravely wore them to my friend's birthday dinner. Not only did they add some major style to my otherwise dull all black outfit, but they were unbelievably comfortable! (Not to mention, I got quite a bit of compliments.)

Comfort and style?! I'm sold!

This leather trend doesn't just end with leggings either. I am loving the look of pleated leather skirts and even shirts with touches of leather. I even plan on wearing my new leather skirt paired with a red flannel for upcoming Christmas festivities (see number 2 under leather skirts).

See the various way this style can be incorporated into your wardrobe. Check out some of my favorite looks for inspiration! 

Leather Leggings: 

Leather leggings can easily be dressed up or down and easily transition from day to night. Keep it simple while running errands by pairing it with a chambray or long, loose fitting tee. At night, dress it up with a pair of your favorite heels and a darker colored blouse.
I love the look of number 2 for a girls night or for holiday parties. Number 4 also perfectly illustrates how adding leather to an outfit can be the perfect look for running errands or a weekend brunch.

Leather Skirts:

3. Pink Peonies

 Although I love the look of leather leggings, I'm even more excited about leather skirts. Since it doesn't get too cold in California, I can pretty much get away with wearing skirts year round. For those of you who live in colder climates, this trend is perfect for incorporating leather during spring or with a pair of tights. 

Leather Shirts:
In case you're a little apprehensive, like I was, about trying out this bold, black look, a leather shirt is perfect for you. Outfits number 1 and 3 add just enough leather to any outfit while keeping true to your own style.  

 Leather can add some edge and contrast to a feminine outfit. If you're ready to try out this chic look, check out where you can get your hands on this wardrobe essential! 

 6.Target 7.Target  8.Forever 21 

What do you think about this trend? Will you be trying out this edgier look? 

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