In 2016, Love Yourself

This year has been quite the whirlwind, to say the least.

I witnessed people close (and not as close) to me find happiness and marry the love of their life. Meanwhile, I was falling in and out of like with people who will likely stay a 2015 memory.

I made new friends, and then lost them.

I traveled and made memories.
I stayed up late and woke up early.
I got a permanent job where I spend 40 hours a week with some pretty awesome people.
My patience was tested, time was wasted, and time stood still.

Have I learned a lot? Yes! Have I learned everything? Most definitely not. But this year was filled with lots of lessons and experiences that, I believe, could have only been written out just for me by God himself.

Do I sometimes stare at my English degree and wonder what the heck I'm doing? Allll the freaking time. Am I okay with that? Eh, for the most part.

I was reading a book recently, and at the end of every chapter, it said, "love yourself." It made me think, do I love myself the way I should? Probably not. I'm always apologizing and beating myself down for things that are very human and very okay.

This year, I resolve to:

1. Love my body
Provide myself with nourishing foods and allow myself to get up and move 

2. Love what I do
Fully embrace my job, future job, and hobbies. Become engulfed in things that make me a better person, and celebrate my achievements-both big and small.  

3. Love those who love me
Love on others, and accept the love back from these people that I deserve.

4. Love my social media
I often feel so pressured to make myself look so fun and creative through my social media. Loving yourself also means loving the things you think are great, and memories you want to share. 

What are your 2016 resolutions?


  1. This is one of the simplest and honest 'new year' type blog post I have read.
    Beautifully written and thankyou for sharing, plus the photography is brilliant! Really lovely

    1. Thank you Tess! And happy (late) New Years! :)